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Megafest 7.1 took place around Labor Day 2008 at The Republic of Haven. (In exchange for holding two consecutive Megafests at, the Megafest Planning Committee voted in favor of holding the next two Megafests at The Republic of Haven.)



In discussions[1] on, Yanthor pointed out that Labor Day is Monday, 1 September and announced his plan:

I have just requested off of work [Wednesday] Aug. 27 - [Monday] Sept. 1.

Jaeger started his shiny new telecom job less than a month prior to the Megafest and is not yet sure how much time he will be able to devote to the Megafest[2]:

My official plan is for Kiesa and I to show up for the Megafest around the dates suggested. I'm not yet sure how much time I'll be able to take off (having just started my shiny new Qualcomm job a week ago; I might actually get to check code in today); I hope to have the details nailed down by the end of the week.

It is worth pointing out that, as of this writing, it is currently the "end of the week" and Jaeger has not yet announced his official plan.

Jaeger formalized his plan on 18 August 2008:

I only have one vacation day to spend, so I'm going to take off Friday, 29 August. Kiesa and I will drive out on the evening of Thursday, 28 August (arriving around midnight) and will depart on Monday, 1 September.

On 27 August, Nemo announced that he will be attending[3]:

I'm coming this time. I'll be there sometimes this afternoon/evening. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Things To Do


Humblik -- I'm managing to be more productive this megafest. Stuff I've completed already:

  • Ran a bunch of dailies in WoW.
  • Picked up freshly repaired and upgraded bike at Re-Cycled.
  • Got haircut and head massage at "ooh la liz," the hair whisperer.
  • Reviewed medical records.
  • Ate lunch with Chris Blake, discussing "A Squirrel with Purpose," speech.
  • Re-wrote part of my speech, adding more personal content.
  • Play more WoW.
  • Play "Geometry Wars: Galaxies" on the Wii.
  • Cook Stroganoff

Stuff still on my to-do list:

  • Write "others" portion of my speech.
  • Practice speech 3 times.
  • Read a chapter of each of these:
"The Long Tail," by Chris Anderson, editor in chief of Wired magazine.
"Working with Emotional Intelligence," by Daniel Goleman.
"Positive Energy," by Judith Orloff, M.D. Noted testimonials were given by Deepak Chopra and Alanis Morrisette.


Early Sunday morning, I finished my sister's wedding website: I adapted the design from an open source web design and entered the content Bethany sent me. (Inspired by her MBA, she now talks about her "vision" for the website and designs things in PowerPoint.)

As of Sunday morning, I feel the urge to write some code. These are small projects I've been thinking of:

  • My current web site architecture put the model, view, and controller all together in one particular source file. This is troubling because recent Debian distributions no longer come with Apache 1 out of the box, and my code depends on mod_perl from Apache 1. I'd like to separate at least the mod_perl controller from the back-end model so I can run the model on my notebook without needing mod_perl. (If you're completely lost, it may be because I'm writing this minutes after getting up. You might also profit from reading about Model-view-controller.)
  • Hiro has been designated as my backup machine. I'd like to write a small backup daemon that detects when a USB backup hard drive has been plugged in and automatically updates the backup on the disk, then unmounts the disk and tells the operator that the disk may be removed. I wrote a similar program for my startup on the exact same hardware.


We anticipate having two meals per day in normal Megafesting fashion.

Friday, 29 August 2008


Meal: Yanthor

Cleanup: Yanthor


Meal: Jaeger & Kiesa - Sushi, inarizushi, and other Japanese themed items

Cleanup: Kiesa

Saturday, 30 August 2008


Meal: Kiesa - Blueberry Blintzes and Scrambled Tofu

Cleanup: Jaeger


Meal: Anya

Cleanup: Anya

Sunday, 31 August 2008


Meal: Kiesa

Cleanup: Humblik


Meal: Humblik

Cleanup: Nemo

Monday, 1 September 2008


Meal: Anya

Cleanup: Nemo


Meal: Leftovers as needed

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