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Megafest 5.0 took place at Yanthor and Anya's residence around Memorial Day (29 May 2006), after three votes in favor in voting on These three votes were considered to be a quorum.



Main article: Megafest 5.0 Schedule

While the date has been decided in principal, the exact dates have yet to be determined. Traditionally, Megafests begin on Wednesday evening and run through Sunday afternoon. Since Monday is a holiday, the traditional schedule doesn't seem to work. This discussion should depend on Yanthor and Anya's input, since they will be hosting the event.

Movie Voting

For more on the history of movie voting and other random musings, see Movie voting


  • Humblik voted in favor of the date and venue.
  • Jaeger and Kiesa have expressed interest in attending.
  • Yanthor and Anya would be hosting, so they are presumed to be attending.


Main article: Food Scheduling

As the Megafest date approaches, the food discussion will begin.

Megafest Log

This is where Festors may post their comments as the Fest goes on, in a stream-of-conciousness manner. This may or may not be easier than posting normal web content, but we're going to give it a shot. Use --~~~~ to sign your name and time.

Jaeger 10:01, 25 May 2006 (MDT)

Just got back from Best Buy with Humblik and Kiesa. We needed to buy an 8-port switch; everyone's switches are tied up in their network infrastructure (mine included) and everyone assumed someone else would bring one. (Oops.) I found the first disk of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig (the second season of the anime series); I was hoping for the first season but this one will work. I'm planning on tying down Festors and forcing them to watch anime... which I doubt too many will complain deeply about.

Rumor is breakfast will be served soon. Anya is cooking this morning until we figure out what's going on.

Jaeger 20:34, 26 May 2006 (MDT)

Yanthor and I just finished an entertaining game of Civilization IV. We started a team game in the in the modern era, mostly to see what would happen. I played as Fredrick of the Germans and Yanthor played as Washington of the Americans. We played on a team deathmatch, left versus right, map. We entered the game with three settlers, three Marines (Yanthor got Navy SEALs), two explorers, and two workers, and all of the tech up to the modern era. It was great fun; we built for military, declared war after a hundred turns or so, and pummled them into submission in a conquest victory.

This afternoon we saw X-Men III, which was amusing. Probably not my first choice, but no one has thought to bring movie voting to theatrical movies as well.

Yanthor and I spent yesterday playing Civ; we achieved a domination victory after playing all day, finishing just in time for supper.

Kiesa 14:56, 28 May 2006 (MDT)

For curiosities sake, I'm including a link to my site detailing the books I've been reading during the Megafest:

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