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Megafest 4.0: The Festors of Catan was held at in December 2004. It was the first Megafest to feature a wiki, which (in theory) made it easier for Festors to keep track of what was going on. This content was copied from its wiki.



For Megafest 4.0, I've decided to have an experimental Wiki for the amusement of attendees. I'd like to include information such as food plans, movie plans, projects Festors intend to work on, and maybe network settings and stuff; something like an expanded version of the page I set up for the last Megafest.

You'll observe that this is a free-for-all; anyone can edit any page, but the entire revision history is available. I don't anticipitate abuses (at least not on main pages), but I am logging your IP, and I might figure out how to duct-tape in the authentication system from jaegerfesting. (To make our lives simpler, I'd appreciate adding your name at the beginning of the Comment: field when you edit the page.)

Because I know you're curious, I'm using Apache::MiniWiki, a small wiki using mod_perl to serve pages and RCS to store the changes on the filesystem. It's simple, but it gets the job done.


This is Yanthor's first change to a wiki. Since I don't have anything substantive to say, I'll just muddle this page more with useless babble. Here is a Haiku I composed just for this occaision:

Baboons hugging
Reproduction will not be discussed
Flames dance softly

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