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To begin with...

Having not played with wikis, and the existence of this page being descriptive of my person and presumably created by myself, this seems a good place to play--at least a little bit.

History of the name in brief

Random stuff.... nemo is of course a reference to Jules Verne's 2000 Leagues Under the Sea, and its singular submarine captain. The appealing aspect being the modesty of the self-depricating name juxapositioned with that person's singular personality.

Why it came about

Originally needed as a handle for a friendly local game of Trade Wars during college, it stuck amidst a group of friends who also happen to enjoy Festing.


While festing is taking place in Colorado, I'm sitting in my dining room about an hour before midnight waiting with a pellet gun for a mouse to reappear. Okay, I'm only waiting because I was here goofing off at this computer anyway.