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Megafest 8.2 is the next scheduled gathering of the greater crowd, taking place around New Year's Day 2010 at The Republic of Haven in Lincoln.

The Dolist Party officially welcomes the extra laps to curl up in and hands to pet them.



Jaeger plans to fly from Portland to Lincoln on Wednesday, 30 December; and return to Denver on Sunday, 3 January:

Date Flight Airport Time
Wednesday, 30 December 2009 United 6704 Lincoln 22:32 (landing)
Sunday, 3 January 2010 Frontier 1535 Omaha 18:35 (departure)

Kiesa and Calvin will stay in the greater Portland area and meet Jaeger at DIA on the way home.

Jaeger accuses some in the crowd of having "a profound inability to plan anything three months in advance", which seems apt.


On Saturday evening, we're going to see Avatar in 3D at the Lincoln Grand at 19:00 CST. It's not clear how paranoid we need to be about getting there sufficiently early to get the best seats. Yanthor and Linknoid will rendezvous directly at the theater after playing Magic: The Gathering. Jaeger and Anya will rendezvous there as well, heading from the Republic of Haven. It's not yet clear what the plan of the Sabbath Contingent will be.


Note: In recent Festing news, Humblik's dietary restrictions require him to avoid onion.

Thursday, 31 December


Humblik: Blueberry pancakes


Humblik/Amy: Haystacks

Cleanup: Yanthor

Friday, 1 January


  • Yanthor: Southwest hash browns (make sure to exclude onions)
  • Eggs, of some sort
  • Some sort of veggie sausage


  • Yanthor: Lasagna
  • Texas toast

Saturday, 2 January


Jaeger: Buttermilk waffles

Cleanup: Linknoid


Anya: Something-or-another

Cleanup: Linknoid

Sunday, 3 January


Nemo: To be determined. (He's not here to defend himself.)

Cleanup: Linknoid



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