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Megafest 4.2 took place at the end of September 2005. This content was copied from its wiki.



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Welcome to the official site for Megafest 4.2, scheduled for the end of September 2005 at This wiki will serve as the planning tool for the Megafest and a common reference point while the Fest is underway. Once we've nominated movies, a link will appear here for voting and to display the results.

Feel free to edit these pages; that's what they're here for. Consult the help page for details on what your text will show up as.

You'll observe that you needed to log in (using your jaegerfesting login and password) to view this page. My intent was to restrict only editing, but I couldn't get my wiki software (Apache::MiniWiki) to do that, although its documentation claimed it could. Your login will be recorded in the history. Don't forget to add a comment before you save; the wiki will complain if you don't.


Festing will begin not earlier than 1800 MDT on the evening of Wednesday 28 September 2005 and continue through Sunday, 2 October. Please update your status and plans as necessary:

Since my employer has asked me to stay in New England through the weekend so I can visit a customer on Monday, I've asked and have recieved Wednesday afternoon (28 September) off as comp time. During this time, I'll be scurrying around the house trying to get ready to be invaded for the following ninty-six hours. I hereby request that Festors arrive no earlier than 1800 MDT.
I'm taking Thursday and Friday off as actual vacation days.
  • Kiesa will be co-hosting the event.
I'm planning to take off Wednesday through Sunday.
Anya and I are planning to take that whole week off and spend some time relaxing in the mountains before the Megafest. It is possible that with the host's permission, we might arrive before Wednesday night.
One transportation challenge I see is that Linknoid, Humblik, and Bitscape would need to travel out and back together, plus all their stuff. One solution I thought of is that they could pack some stuff that would be ok in the hot trunk for a few days and that they could do without for a few days, and Anya and I could take that luggage with us to the mountains. We won't need nearly all of our cargo space.
I'm planning to leave Wed. Sept. 28 after work to arrive sometime in the evening. I plan on leaving the megafest sometime Sunday afternoon or early evening.
Bitscape: Confirmed. I have arranged to have Sunday, Sept 25 through Sunday, October 2 off work. I will be traveling to Colorado on Sunday with Yanthor and Anya, and spending a couple of days elsewhere doing non-fest activities. I intend to arrive at the fest on Wednesday evening, and leave with the rest of the Nebraska contingent on Sunday.
Bouncing: Word. I'll be around.
Zan Lynx: I think that I'll come over at least on the weekend for a bit, but not for the whole week. :-)


This Megafest was scheduled to coincide with the theatrical release of Serenity. We are planning on attending the 13:20 on Friday, 30 September showing at the UA theater in Longmont.

On Tuesday evening, 27 September, Neil Gaiman (author of Neverwhere, American Gods, and others) will be signing at the Tattered Cover in LoDo:


Normally we eat two meals per day, breakfast around 11:00 and supper between 18:00 and 20:00, with snacking in between. This gives the following meals:

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