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Megafest 6.0.5 will be an informal Fest centered around the weekend of 17-18 November 2007 (the weekend before Thanksgiving) hosted by Yanthor at The Republic of Haven. The intrepid host will be doing Megafest-like things and invites other members of the Festing circle to join him.



Jaeger is in the midst of a two-month project where a day's absence -- especially around Thanksgiving -- won't be a major problem. He managed to redeem one-third of his outstanding frequent flyer miles to fly into Omaha. Jaeger will be arriving on Saturday, 17 November and returning on Monday, 19 November on the following flights:

Date Flight Time
Saturday, 17 November 2007 United 8071 16:59 (landing)
Monday, 19 November 2007 United 387 19:01 (departure)

Jaeger points out that the latest film adaptation of Beowulf is scheduled to open on the weekend in question. It's motion-capture-driven animation, with a screenplay written by Neil Gaiman.


Jaeger arrived in Omaha on schedule on Saturday afternoon and managed to rendezvous with Yanthor for the drive back to Lincoln, which involved a few unscheduled detours on I-80. After a fortifications run, Jaeger and Yanthor arrived at The Republic of Haven shortly ahead of Humblik. Jaeger showed off his shiny new board game, Empire Builder, one of the "crayon rails" games. After a few epic games, the Festors figured out an appropriate set of rule modifications to optimize play time and enjoyment. The Festors also played two games of Seafarers of Catan and Yanthor spent quality time with Jaeger's Wii.

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