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Megafest 13.0 is scheduled for 20-24 March 2014. It will be hosted by Yanthor and Anya at The Republic of Haven. Jaeger, Kiesa, and Calvin will be driving from the Great Mountains into the Great Plains.


  • Jaeger, Kiesa, and Calvin will drive to Lincoln on Thursday, 20 March 2014. They expect to arrive around local suppertime.
  • Jaeger, Kiesa, and Calvin will depart Lincoln on Monday, 24 March 2014.


Thursday, 20 March


Yanthor: Chili and Cornbread

Friday, 21 March


Anya: Sausage Egg Frittata


Kiesa: Lentil Dumplings in a spicy tamarind sauce and Fake Dosas with potato masala and Coconut Chutney (Note: this uses unsweetened coconut and next time I'd grind the chana dal separately first)

Saturday, 22 March


Yanthor: Waffles & Pancakes, etc



Sunday, 23 March


Kiesa: Baked Oatmeal, Stovetop Apple-Cranberry Crumble (used Sweet Sorghum flour instead of regular), and Scrambled Tofu.


Delivery from Blue Orchid Thai Restaurant. Menu


  • Anya: Pad Thai with gluten-free soy sauce and tofu
  • Calvin: Yellow curry, with tofu
  • Jaeger: Red curry, with tofu
  • Kiesa: Khao Soi, with tofu
  • Nemo: Seared garlic stir fry, with tofu
  • Yanthor: Drunken noodles, half-spice

Monday, 24 March


Yanthor & Anya

Game Log

Friday, 21 March

Lords of Waterdeep

Linknoid arrived around mid-day on Friday and joined Yanthor, Anya, Jaeger, and Kiesa in a game of Lords of Waterdeep. Linknoid won with only a few more victory points than Yanthor and Kiesa.

Lords of Waterdeep (II)

Tori and Devin arrived later in the afternoon on Friday and joined Anya, Jaeger, and Linknoid in a second game of Lords of Waterdeep. Jaeger managed to pull off a 25-point quest on the penultimate round and eventually pulled off a modest victory in his second game.

Catan Junior

Kiesa, Jaeger, Calvin, and Yanthor played Catan Junior. Jaeger and Yanthor were both close to winning at various points during the game but Calvin ended up winning, with some coaching help from Kiesa.


Anya volunteered to teach Jaeger to play Jaipur. Jaeger ended up winning his first game.


Linknoid won with a pro-farm strategy, especially after Jaeger let him join his sprawling (albeit ultimately uncompleted) mega-city early in the game.

Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries

An unidentified female participant won Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries by drawing winning route cards in the last rounds. Jaeger got bogged down trying to fight Linknoid for one of the essential routes and then spent too much time drawing useless rail color cards.

Saturday, 22 March

Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar

Linknoid and an unidentified female participant invited Jaeger and Yanthor to play this Mayan-themed game with a giant wheel in the middle of the board. Jaeger ended up with a second-place finish behind the female participant.


Yanthor suggested a game of the 1979 board game version of Dune, playing the emperor, along with Rick (playing the Fremen), Sheley (playing the Bene-Geserite), Linknoid (Space Guild), Jaeger (House Haarkonnen), and John (Artradies). Artradies over-extended itself on the first turn, sending its main forces out to be crushed by the emperor, allowing Haarkonnen to take over their original stronghold, and forcing Artradies to wander in the wilderness. The first nexus happened during the third turn, and Haarkonnen barely lost a battle with the Space Guild at the end of the turn, allowing the Fremen-Empire-Space Guild alliance to win the game.

Level 7: Omega Protocol

Rick ran the alien overseers in Level 7: Omega Protocol while Shelly, Jaeger, Yanthor, John, and Devin ran the human commandos raiding (ie, dungeon-crawling) the base. Both sides made mistakes in executing the game rules. The players won the game with only minor damage. In general the players enjoyed the entry scenario and the game.

Sunday, 23 March

Catan Junior

There was a game played with Calvin in which he won.

Rune Age

Jaeger, Kiesa, and Anya played the "Cataclysm" scenario Rune Age. The "Master of the Hunt" card came up last, and each player wielded enough firepower to defeat it in the last round, so the human players won the game.


Jaeger, Kiesa, and Anya set up Pandemic and Anya surrendered her seat to Humblik when he dropped by. The yellow disease become the virulent strain. The players managed (barely) to cure the last three diseases in each of their last turns to (barely) win the game.