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Megafest 13.1 took place in August 2014. Jaeger, Kiesa, and Calvin journeyed from the Western Lands to The Republic of Haven. Yanthor and Anya hosted.

Game Log

Friday, 15 August 2014

The Settlers of Catan

Jaeger and Kiesa decided to introduce Calvin to the grown-up version of The Settlers of Catan, having played too many games of Catan Junior. Kiesa advised Calvin as his regent, suggesting courses of action, which Calvin sometimes rejected in favor of Uncle Yanthor's suggestions. Jaeger ended up with a horrible resource allocation, despite sitting on the 6 and 8 of wood and brick, and managed to scrape together only one extra settlement by the end of the game, and only because Yanthor graciously gave him a charitable donation of sheep. Yanthor ended up winning the game, with close competition from Anya.

Love Letter

Calvin went to bed, leaving Anya, Jaeger, Kiesa, and Yanthor to play Love Letter. Jaeger won the first three rounds but Kiesa ended up pulling through to win the game.

Can't Stop

Anya went to bed, so Yanthor broke out the vintage Parker Brothers game Can't Stop, principally a dice-rolling gambling game. Yanthor ended up winning the game.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Space Alert

Rick arrived, bringing Space Alert, which won some Spiel des Jahres supplemental award in 2009. Jaeger, Kiesa, Rick, and Yanthor played several training and simulation rounds and successfully defended their ship, the Sitting Duck, against a variety of space threats including fighters, man-of-wars, saboteurs, and exploding warheads, without suffering much damage themselves.

Lost Legends

After watching The Lego Movie, Jaeger, Rick, Shely, and Yanthor played Lost Legends, involving a miniature dungeon-crawl with drafting mechanic to equip artifacts. Jaeger took an early lead by killing a bunch of beasts and acquiring the relevant awards, but was unable to sustain his momentum in later rounds. Yanthor ended up winning the game.


There was a game involving a hybrid between Telephone and Pictionary that the Official Megafest Chronicler did not witness and therefore cannot comment as to the nature of the game or its outcome.

Rune Age

All non-overnight guests departed, and Calvin went to bed, leaving Anya, Jaeger, Kiesa, and Yanthor to look for a game to play. They ended up playing the three-against-one "Rise of the Overlord" scenario in Rune Age, with Jaeger playing the overlord as the orcs. Jaeger pulled off an overlord victory by picking the allied players off one-by-one to win the game.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Rick and Shelly arrived, joining the assembled Megafestors to play the classic Avalon Hill table game Civilization. The game took nearly ten hours and was enjoyed by all, though some considered the "Civil War" mechanic to be cruel and unusual. Yanthor held the lead when the Megafestors finally decided to call it a game, only a couple of notches from the end of the board.

Monday, 18 August 2014


In the evening, Jaeger talked Yanthor and Anya into playing Pandemic. They picked specific roles from all of the expansions (Pilot, Containment Specialist, and Contingency Planner, respectively) and played five epidemics, and lost.

Pandemic (II)

The players rematched with the same roles and scenario and beat the game, on the last turn, successfully curing the last pandemic before it could annihilate civilization, despite having a board full of outbreaks.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Titan: The Arena

Before leaving Lincoln for the Western Lands, Jaeger and Kiesa joined Yanthor and Anya in a game of Titan: The Arena. Jaeger and Anya tied for first place.