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Megafest 12.0 will take place around the Fourth of July 2013 at The Republic of Haven. Yanthor and Anya will host; confirmed attendees are Jaeger, Kiesa, and Calvin. N and Linknoid will also attend Wednesday evening and most of Saturday, and Sunday. According to Amy, Humblik may attend for "a few hours on Friday afternoon" but there has been no confirmation from Humblik himself.


  • Wednesday, 3 July 2013: Jaeger, Kiesa, and Calvin drive to Lincoln, in Calvin's first Great American Road-Trip.
  • Sunday, 7 July 2013: Jaeger, Kiesa, and Calvin depart for the Western Rocky Lands.


So let it be written, so let it be done:

Thursday, 04 July 2013 - Brunch (7 people)

  • Prep: Anya
  • Cleanup: Anya & Kiesa

Thursday, 04 July 2013 - Supper (5 people)

Friday, 05 July 2013 - Brunch

Friday, 05 July 2013 - Supper

Saturday, 06 July 2013 - Brunch

  • Prep: Natasha & Linknoid - Pancakes & Waffles
  • Cleanup: Natasha & Linknoid

Saturday, 06 July 2013 - Supper

  • Prep: Natasha - Venigret
  • Cleanup: Natasha & Linknoid

Sunday, 07 July 2013 - Brunch

  • Prep: Yanthor
  • Cleanup: Yanthor

Game Log


Galaxy Trucker

Linknoid and N. brought Galaxy Trucker and talked Jaeger and Yanthor into playing it. In the second round Jaeger lost half of his ship due to damage sustained in repeated asteroid strikes. At the end of a standard three-round game Linknoid came in first place, Yanthor came in second place, N. came in third place, and Jaeger came in last place.


Escape the Curse of the Temple

Yanthor acquired Escape the Curse of the Temple for the event. Before Linknoid and N. departed for their afternoon, they played one game with Yanthor, Jaeger, and Kiesa. (Calvin got to play with his new Lego set to keep him occupied during the game.) The group lost by failing to exit the temple in the allotted ten minutes.

Escape the Curse of the Temple (II)

Linknoid and N. left, and Anya joined another game. Anya managed to escape the temple before it collapsed. Jaeger inherited one of her dice and escaped just after the temple collapsed. (Don't ask how that worked.) Yanthor and Kiesa were trapped in the temple.

Escape the Curse of the Temple (III)

Jaeger played a solo game while food preparation for the evening was underway. He skipped the soundtrack and the mandatory 'revert to the center' part but did manage to escape the temple with time to spare. The solo game seemed far more tractable than the chaos of the mass game.


Yanthor proposed Pandemic and Jaeger, Kiesa, and Anya joined him. First move was selected by the player who had the most medical experience, being Anya. Jaeger played the 'Quarantine specialist' role, Yanthor played 'Researcher' role, Anya played the 'Medic' role, and Kiesa played the 'Scientist' role. The first major outbreak was the zombie virus in the Middle East; the players rallied to cure, then eradicate, that disease, followed by SARS (in red), then swine flu (in blue), and denuge fever (in yellow), winning the game with only three turns left in the game before the player deck ran out of cards.



Yanthor, Anya, and Jaeger played Pandemic. Yanthor played the Operations Expert, Anya reprised her role as the Medic, and Jaeger reprised his role as the Quarantine Specialist. Yanthor cured SARS (the red infection) in Sydney, and Anya eradicated the infection before traveling to North America to try to tamp down on a swine flu (the blue infection) epidemic. Jaeger made it to Karachi just in time to cure zombie flu (the black infection), but not until cascading outbreaks reverberated through the Middle East. The players lost the game when denuge fever (the yellow infection) cascaded through Bogota and Mexico City. The players wondered about playing the game with only three players, given their difficulty being in multiple places at once.

Pandemic (II)

Linknoid and N. arrived. Linknoid and Kiesa joined Jaeger and Yanthor playing a second game of Pandemic. Jaeger reprised his role as Quarantine Specialist, Yanthor reprised his role as Operations Expert, Linknoid played Researcher, and Kiesa played Medic. This time the players focused on curing rather than eradicating, much to the distress of one of the players. This strategy seemed to work; the players successfully cured all diseases within a few turns of the end of the game.

Pandemic (III)

Humblik arrived and took the randomized Contingency Planner role for another game of Pandemic. Linknoid played Quarantine Specialist, Yanthor played Medic, and Jaeger played Researcher. On the initial infestation, Europe ended up with infestations of AIDS (the renamed blue infestation) across every city; Linknoid headed there immediately and tried to quarantine the continent. He succeeded while the rest of the players cured and eradicated zombie flu in the Middle East, then SARS in East Asia, then in a couple of quick turns, denuge fever (in Africa and South America) and, to win the game, Humblik picked up two extra blue cards to cure AIDS in North America.

Stone Age

Jaeger, Humblik, N., and Yanthor played a fast game of Stone Age that took two hours. Jaeger figured out that a pro-hut strategy was a winning strategy but failed to notice a few obvious multipliers that would increase his strategy further. The final score was: N. 128, Humblik 132, Yanthor 145, and Jaeger for the win with 163.


Small World

After a failed attempt to collect enough interest to play either Dominant Species or Catan Junior, a quorum emerged to play Small World. Yanthor had the most-pointy ears and started playing the Fortified Trolls. Jaeger went second and started playing the Bivouacking Giants. Kiesa went third and started playing the Mounted Dwarves. Linknoid went fourth and started playing the Seafaring Elves. Jaeger put his race into decline and returned as the Commando Orcs. Kiesa put her race into decline and returned with the Underworld Wizards and attacked the Orcs' flank. Linknoid put his race into decline and returned as the Berserk Halflings. Yanthor put his race into decline and returned as the Pillaging Skeletons. Jaeger ran out his orcs quickly, put them into decline, and returned as the Dragon Master Humans, and promptly ended up in a battle to the death with Yanthor's skeletons in the north-west quadrant. Kiesa put her race into decline and returned as the Alchemist Ghouls, which had been lingering at the bottom of the race queue, collecting points throughout the game. Linknoid put his race into decline and returned as the Wealthy Amazons.

By the end of the game, Kiesa won with 107 points. Yanthor came in second with 97 points. Jaeger came in third with 88 points. Linknoid came in fourth with 87 points.

Rune Age

In the afternoon, Jaeger, Kiesa, and Yanthor sat down to play Rune Age while Calvin amused himself with a series of Pixar movies on the iPad until its battery died. Yanthor played Uthuk Y'llan, Jaeger played the Dwarves of Dunwarr, and Kiesa played the Latari Elves in the cooperative scenario "The Cataclysm". The scenario's event deck provided the Natural Disasters card early, which hurt Yanthor more than the other players until he finally managed to eliminate it. He was poised to die when the players, by mutual agreement, declared a deus ex machina to heal five damage from each player across the board. Yanthor needed one more deus ex machina before the players were, at length, able to defeat the final boss to win the game.

Jaeger used his race's ability to take gold cards from others' hands, which kept Kiesa and Yanthor's hands slim, but did not exhaustively pillage his own deck. As a result, he ended up with more cards in his hand than he really wanted, which served mostly to dilute the real combat cards among a dozen one-gold cards. He planned to use the War Machine to destroy gold but it didn't work quite as planned.

Lost Cities

Jaeger talked Yanthor into playing Lost Cities. After three rounds, Yanthor won with 254 points; Jaeger lost with 175 points.


Anya, Jaeger, Kiesa, and Yanthor played Pandemic and managed to eradicate two of the four pandemic diseases before curing all four diseases, winning the game, then played out the remaining three turns and successfully eradicated one more disease before time finally ran out in the game.

Rune Age (II)

Jaeger, Kiesa, and Yanthor played another game of Rune Age, playing the cooperative scenario "The Cataclysm" again. Jaeger and Kiesa reprised their race roles, and Yanthor switched races to Waiqar the Undying. Jaeger brought a Digging Machine into the game on the second round, making him the go-to person for killing the early bosses. The players did not need any overt deus ex machinas this time, but Yanthor did replay one round to pillage Jaeger's deck to get the cards he needed to fight off the mid-level bosses. The second-to-last event card was Mind Riders, which Yanthor and Jaeger were wholly unprepared to face; both of them sustained enough damage to die, ending the game. Yanthor speculated that, had the last two cards been reversed, the players would have been able to survive the round, ultimately winning. Jaeger felt he got a better gold mix for most of the game, but despite getting a pillage on his own he still wasn't able to destroy low-value cards fast enough to ensure a good mix of cards; he ended the game with 1, 2 and 3 gold cards plus two three-strength combat units -- not nearly enough to be a decisive power.


There was a game played early in the morning, before breakfast, which the unofficial Megafest Recorder did not witness and cannot report on.


Linknoid and N. brought Alhambra and convinced the remaining adult Megafestors to join. Linknoid won, followed by a bunch of people, with Jaeger coming in last.


For their last game, Jaeger and Kiesa joined Yanthor and Anya playing Pandemic. The players randomized their roles; Jaeger ended up with his favorite, the Quarantine Specialist; Kiesa played the Contingency Planner; Anya played the Operations Expert; and Yanthor played the Researcher. The players successfully cured three of the four diseases but lost shortly before curing the black infection when several cities outbroke at once, causing the fatal eighth outbreak.