Health Tracking Program

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  • Web based
  • Should be similar to
  • May be targeted towards people with Crohns and Ulcerative colitis.
  • Logging for medications
  • Logging for mood
  • Logging for input
    • Be able to enter ingredients from a recipe
      • Calories
      • Vitamins and minerals
      • Fats
      • Carbohydrates, etc. will all be shown
    • Quantity of food can be specified so estimated amount of the above can be determined.
  • Logging for output
  • Journaling for misc things that individual would like to track.
  • Blogging community

Other Websites to Consider for Ideas

    • Strengths
      • Can enter recipes (to share with community or not) and will calculate nutritional information for recipe.
      • Will suggest meal and exercise plans to meet your goals
      • Can track weight and measurements over time
    • Weaknesses
      • Exercise section doesn't seem to allow you to enter your own exercises. Either you follow their plan or you can't enter anything.
      • It's kind of awkward to browse to the section to add a new recipe. Once a recipe is submitted you don't appear to be able to edited it. If a mistake was made must create again from scratch
    • Strengths
      • Easy tracking of Exercises. Will estimate have many calories burned based on type of exercise, duration and difficulty
      • Fairly easy interface
      • Allows you to sign up for "motivators" to encourage you in your goal
    • Weaknesses
      • Essentially must estimate number of calories eaten per day. No way to enter recipes and calculate nutrtional info
    • Strengths
      • Absolutely lovely charts. Based on food entered will estimate have "complete" your protein intake has been, what amount of your food is carbs, fats, etc and many other exciting comparisons Has by far the most complete nutritional analysis I've seen.
      • Allows input of recipes and "custom ingredients"
    • Weakenesses
      • The most horrible interface I've seen
      • No login. Ingredients and recipes are stored in cookies on your machine and once your "pantry" is full no more recipe entry . . . (I ran out of space within 2 weeks)