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Single sign-on is a Megafest 5.1 project proposed by Jaeger to link all blog-like websites hosted by Megafestors. This group of websites could be refered to as "Content Solutions" (we want our content solutions to be your content solutions too) or "".


Instead of requiring visitors to sites like,, and to maintain different logins and profiles on each site, I propose creating a system by which a single login may be used on all participating sites. After logging in once, users would be authenticated on all sites.

Each site would have the ability to determine the access rights available to each user -- signing up for an account on any one site would not necessiarly grant access to any content on any other site.

I also propose the adoption of a standardized RSS scheme to allow each user to see headlines (both entries and comments -- the union of the functionality provided by my and Yanthor's sites) from other participating sites, customized to indicate which entries the user has and has not read (a feature currently implemented on and entries the user is authenticated to read which may not be world-readable (a feature currently implemented on

Content Solutions chatter

bouncing proposed resurrecting Content Solutions chatter in an e-mail:

Content solutions. We all miss its past glory. I propose an xmlrpc server for content solutions chat, since RSS handles syndication well enough. It could have two methods:
  • getContent -> returns an array of associative arrays, full of content, like [{'who': 'bouncing', 'site': ..., 'what': 'foo', 'when': (...)}, ...]
  • postContent(site, who, what, when)


I have a number of half-thought-out ideas running around my head on how to implement this. Watch this space for details.


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