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Source: Jaeger

Megafest 4.2

Meal: Megafest 4.2: Breakfast, Sunday, 2 October 2005

This is less of a recipie than a ... theory. But I've done it before and I'm pretty sure I can reproduce it on a grand scale, which may in fact turn out to be a recipie for disaster. Here are the basic ingredients, and how I implemented it for the Megafest:

  • Potatoes O'Brien (little potato cubes with onions and bell peppers, available in the freezer section of your grochery store); cook them until almost complete
  • Rosemary, and a bit of dill
  • Scrambled eggs. Add the raw eggs to the potatoes when they're almost cooked and mix it all together. (I added a bit of salt to the eggs.)
  • Cheese; for the fest we had:
    • Farmer's cheese (like Jack, but softer)
    • Pepperjack cheese
    • Jack cheese
  • Griller crumbles. These can be cooked with the above mixture; I wasn't sure how much we'd want, so I warmed them seperately and let the end user mix them together.
  • Tortillas; to get slightly crisper tortillas I warmed them, individually, on a skillet.
  • Various salsas and spicy sauces (my favorite is Tobasco green jalapeno sauce)

And Kiesa tells me that we now have a large supply of evil cereals, so even if my experiment turns out to be a complete disaster no one should go hungry.

Megafest 5.1

For Megafest 5.1, I tweaked the above recipie a bit. I sauteed garlic before adding the potatoes and used rosemary, oragano, and a tiny bit of cayenne pepper to season the potatoes. I scrambled the eggs separately, since Kiesa doesn't like eggs. We had Griller crumbles on the side. For cheese we had pepperjack and jack cheese. We lacked salsa, but it would have been good.